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An Introduction to Smile Design

Smile design is providing you an ideal smile by performing medicine and art together. It is a plan that achieves a healthy smile by combining some of your personal wishes with health and naturalness.

Where to Start Smile Design?

The factors that determine the aesthetic smile that suits you are as follows:

- Your facial lines

- Your gender

- Your age

- Smile symmetry

- The order and colors of your teeth

- Your lips

- Your gums

The smile design is first started by determining which geometric shape your facial line fits.The lines on the person's face contain the codes in which form the tooth should be chosen. The above are the main face shapes and tooth forms suitable for them.

Male and female anatomy are different from each other. In males, facial features are sharper and more prominent. The proportions of the forehead and chin tip differ from the female face. Transitions in women are softer, the nose and eyebrow arches are more subtle. There is the same parallelism in teeth.

In females;

- Corners of the teeth turn softer,

- The smile line is curved upwards,

- The middle two teeth are slightly longer than the adjacent teeth,

- There are tiny gaps between the corners of adjacent teeth.

In males;

- Adjacent teeth join in a more straight line,

- The lines of the teeth are more pronounced,

- The smile line is smoother.

Attractive Smile

In this category, the front teeth are noticeably longer than the side teeth. In fact, this is the case with young individuals, since the front incisors are the first teeth that erupt, they wear out over time and their length becomes shorter. This brings with it an aged appearance. In order to have an attractive smile, the front teeth should be longer than the others. This design of the front teeth will give you a young, dynamic and attractive smile. This category is suitable for young people.

Intellectual Smile

The teeth are lined up in a horizontal straight line. Intellectual smile gives the face a mature and knowledgeable expression.This smile emphasizes the lower part of the face more. At a young age, the lengths of the teeth are different from each other when they first erupt. In middle age, teeth are equal length. Thanks to aesthetic dentistry, we can make this disadvantageous situation an advantage and design a mature, knowledgeable and intellectual smile.

Sporty Smile

It is between intellectual and attractive smile. The middle incisors are slightly longer than the side incisors. Sporty smile design gives your face an extraordinary, sincere and warm expression. This smile is not as serious as an intellectual smile, it is not as childish and young as the attractive smile design.

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