In this section, we have side by side before and after close-ups for viewing our results in greater detail. It is easier to see the impact that a personalized cosmetic or restorative or surgical treatment can have on the patient’s oral health and appearance of their smile.



Our lovely patient was complaining about her small teeth. She had beautiful smile but black corridors on the smile line simplify her smile. Her major concern was keeping the all enamel intact. After examination, occlusion gave us the chance to use composite laminate veneers. By using composite, without filing any enamel surface, we gave our patient the right wonderful smile.


Our beautiful patient decided to change her smile on her 38 years old age. After the detailed examination, we decided to use E-max laminate veneers to restore her smile. E-max laminate veneers cover only front surface of the teeth, we only smooth the sharp corners of the teeth and keep the enamel intact. 

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A 24-year-old male patient complaining about recurrent swelling of the right upper jaw was referred to our clinic. Radiologic examination revealed endodontic failure and related lesion. The lesion was excised with the associated tooth under local anesthesia.After removal of the tooth, İmmediate implant (Straumann) installation was performed. Final restoration was fabricated and cemented to the abutment.

all on four dental implant


Smile Makeover in One Day? Yes, it is possible with All-On-Four method!

Our patient had sought opinions for his crowded and broken teeth over the years but was offered lengthy, expensive options and perhaps at times treatments with guarded longevity. A thorough assessment, which included a detailed CT scan analysis and prosthodontic evaluation was performed. Based on his immediate and long-term preference, an upper and lower All-On-4 dental implant treatment was planned. His treatment involved placement of eight dental implants in the upper and lower jaws and on the same day we fabricated and delivered a fixed permanent prosthesis that was anchored to the implants.


Diastemas can be handled with dental bonding and minimal preparation on your natural teeth. We offer a range of cosmetic dentistry options that could help closing a diastema.