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Turkey: Major Reasons for Dental Tourism

Everyone deserves perfect and dazzling smile.

Perfect smile contains two major issues: balance between white and pink aesthetic and good proportional relation between teeth and all face.

Sometimes because of some habits (thumb sucking, tongue thrusting etc), some orthodontic or skeletal problems, early loss of deciduous or permanent teeth, gum diseases, your smile may not be as good as you want. At that moment, when you are seeking a good, reliable and long lasting treatment, we are here for you!

Our dentists are perfectly - educated, experienced, dedicated to their work. Our government controls all private practice clinics by law. If a clinic cannot fulfill the obligations which is set by the law, they can’t work and shut down by government. The materials, we use, are well-known and they have worldwide warranty. Anytime you want, you can ask their brand and lot numbers. Implants are used in the clinic, have their passport which shows the implant brand, diameter, length and lot number.

Despite all this, how is the Turkey cheaper than Western Europe, USA and Canada?

In Turkey, rents, salaries, insurances basically clinic running costs are cheaper when we compare with other countries in currency basis. This enables patients to have the desired outcome sooner by experienced surgeons, for much less cost and in a well-regarded holiday destination.

Turkey has been a bridge between Asia and Europe for centuries and it has been home to many civilization. Therefore, when you have the perfect smile between your past and your shiny future by our treatments, you may see this beautiful historical places or have a great vacation with affordable prices.

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