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Wear A Sports Mouthguard, Protect Your Perfect Smile

Regardless of skill level, style or age, a mouthguard is undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of protective equipment.

The first recorded use of mouthguard was by boxers. In 1920s professional boxing became the first sport to require mouth guards. Now the ADA (the American Dental Association) recommends the use of mouthguard in 29 sports.

According to the ADA, 10-20% of all sports related injuries are maxillofacial injuries. Types of dental injuries:

- Fracture

- Avulsion

- Luxation (extruded tooth / lateral displacement)

And some research says,

“By wearing a protective mouthguard, the incidence of concussion by blow to the jaw is significantly reduced because the condyle is separated from the base of the skull by placing the mandible in forward position.”

There are 3 types of mouthguard:

- Ready made - stock mouthguard

- Mouth- formed “boil and bite” mouthguard

- Custom made mouthguard (made by dentist)

“Custom-made mouthguards” are the most highly recommended mouthguards used for successful prevention of orofacial and dental injuries.

Best characteristics of a custom-made mouthguard such as:

- Retention

- Fit

- Comfort

- Resistance to tearing

- Ease of speech.

- Ease of breathing as well as good protection of the teeth, gingiva and lips.

Can I wear my clear aligners (aka Invisalign) instead of my mouthguard?

- No, the thickness and the type of material used in mouthguards are very different from aligners.

How can I clean my mouthguard?

- Just clean water and hand soap is enough.

No custom-made mouthguard? DON’T PLAY! It’s just not worth it.

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