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Dental implants during a pandemic: Is it a good idea?

We know this may be a frightening time to visit a dental clinic, however with the infection precautions we have in place, we are ready to serve you. In addition, there are several reasons that you do not want the implants to be delayed:

· Movement of teeth: If you have a missing tooth, over time, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth space will move and tilt off their proper position. Dental implants will help to keep the teeth aligned, eliminating potentially expensive complications down the line.

· Jawbone preservation: Your teeth play a crucial role in the health of your jawbone. When there is a missing tooth, the jawbone in that area will slowly begin to resorbe and grow weak. The longer period with a missing tooth means the more resorption. Having your implants placed now will help to preserve your jawbone.

· Facial appearance: Our facial appearance is considerably affected by our teeth. If you have a missing tooth, the bone may deteriorate with time, and the shape of your face may change. When the skin begins to sag since there is not enough bone density, people frequently start to look older than they are. Having the dental implants now will improve your facial appearance.

· Self-esteem: Missing teeth can make eating and talking difficult and social activities awkward and embarrassing. The adverse effects of losing teeth on general self-esteem are not addressed enough. However, you might be frightened of meeting people, or you might be frightened of showing your smile.

Considering all these, life is short, so why wait to make yourself feel good?

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